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Digital thermometer Quiko Strict

Fast-fast measurement technology FMStm. Flexible-made from elastic polymer
Hypoallergenic-all the materials used are hypo-allergenic. STRICTtm system to ensure accurate measurement.
Lifetime warranty, large numbers, softened materials-suitable for children, low battery indicator, gold-plated mount, waterproof, battery for over 1000 measurements, function ' memory '.
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With the thermometer Quiko body temperature can be measured in the armpit, in the mouth and rectally. The temperature in the mouth, armpit and rectum is different. The difference epriblizitelno with half a degree at normal temperature.

Normal temperature is strictly individual, as well as the difference between the temperature measurement locations. To determine your, measure your temperature at the same time for several weeks.

The thermometer should be stored at room temperature (20 degrees). Accurate measurement can be made, even if the thermometer has been stored at a temperature below 20 degrees, but in this case, the thermometer must be subtracted from the measurement at least 1 minute after the signal.


Measurement in the mouth:

Measuring time-approximately 10 seconds. It is recommended that adults and children over 4 years of age.

-Insert the tip of the thermometer under the tongue deep.

-Hold the tip of the thermometer in this position with the mouth closed until you hear the beep for the end of the measurement.

Do not drink hot or cold drinks, don't smoke, don't exercise for at least 5 minutes before the measurement.

Measurement in the armpit:

-Insert the tip of the thermometer in the armpit.

-Pritnisnete with the hand holding the thermometer h hell this position. The tip of the thermometer must have a solid contact with the skin. Before measuring, make sure the armpit is dry.


Measuring time: approx. 10 sec.

-Make sure that the thermometer is clean.

-Insert a water soluble lubricant to the tip.

Carefully place the tip of the thermometer about 1 cm into the rectum.

If you encounter resistance when inserted, do not apply force. For convenient measurement the thermometer has a special flexible shoulder. It allows easy access to the points of measurement.

How to switch the readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit:

When the thermometer is off press and hold the power button until the display show the desired units-c for c or F for Fahrenheit.

Cleansing and disinfection:

The thermometer can be cleaned with medical alcohol, alcohol 95%. podsuete with a clean, dry cloth or a medical cotton, before using the thermometer.
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