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Belex gel *40ml

Beleks is an innovative gel formula with an extract of the periwinkle, and dermohlorela.

The extract of the snail (Helix Aspersa Snail Extract) ispurified of ohl?ven fluid filtrate. Contains 7 the most valuable for skin bioactive substances: collagen, elastin, allantoin, vitaminsglycolic acid, natural antimicrobialpeptides, proteins.
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Белекс гел*40мл.
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Dermohlorela (Chlorella vulgaris extract) is a type ofsingle-cell mikrovodoraslo, with exceptional properties for skin regeneration.

new and old scars (from wounds, cutssurgery, Burns, etc.).
Acne (acne treatment and the effects of acne)
stretch marks (after losing weight during pregnancyand after birth)
patches on the skin (generic nursing, Burns)
sunburns and skin sensitivity after cosmetic procedures

How does Beleks gel on the skin?

contributes to the establishment of new healthy cells
accelerates the formation of collagen
increases synthesis of laminin and elastin
enriches the skin with the essential ingredients of the connective tissue
supports the natural hydration of the skin
regenerate damaged skin
strengthens cell membranes
improves the texture and elasticity of the skin
Apply on clean and without open wounds of skin, with light massaging movements until complete absorptioninto the skin two or three times daily.

With new features:
-start the application of Beleks gel as quickly as possible (in the absence of open wounds)
-do not expose the affected area to sunlight, solariumor extreme cold
-do not use tight clothes or coarse and elastic fabricson the affected area

In old scars:
-It is necessary to regularly apply Beleks gel  be sure to treat the affected area daily
-It is recommended that prolonged application ofBeleks gel for visible and lasting results in old scarstake time to change the texture of the skin
visible results are extremely individual  depend on skin type, the type of SCAR, from the age of the man and ofthe treated scar
For Acne: Treat not only individual buds, and the space around them.
When stretch marks and wrinkles: Apply the gel inaffected areas to the fullest possible absorption.
In stains: it is recommended that regular and continuous application of Beleks gel.
In Burns (including solar): do not expose the affected areas to sunlight or tanning beds.

Made for FORTEKS LTD Nutrasûtikals
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Белекс гел*40мл.
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