Variteks 114 Angora Waist Corset

Variteks 114 Angora Waist Corset

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Elastic corset with Angora and a warming effect in the area of the abdomen. Suitable for pain during colds, fatigue, flat posture load in sport and physical activity.

• Blend of angora and wool.Used in order to keep the waist, abdomen and kidneys warm.

• For spasms of muscles.
• For pains due to rheumatism and sciatica.



Blend of Angora and wool.

Angora: It is made from special Angora rabbit. Angora is special with color, touching and general specifications. Provides feeling of extra softness and heat.

  - Angora
  - Polyamide
  - Wool
  - Cotton
  - Rubber


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