Acerola 300 capsules

Acerola 300 capsules

АЦЕРОЛА 300 капс.
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Acerola 300 capsules. Each capsule contains 400 mg of acerola powder and 100 mg vitamin c. recommended for: failure of the immune system, colds and flu, severe physical and mental exertion, allergies, for viral and bacterial infections.

Suggested use: take 1 capsule daily with water. It is recommended that morning. Of necessity, the dose may be increased to 2-3 capsules daily.


Acerolata is the fruit with the highest concentration of natural vitamin c, which makes it the most easily usvoâemiâ for the human organism. It contains twice as much magnesium, potassium and vitamin B5 compared to orange. Also contains vitamin a, riboflavin and vitamin B3. Because of this rich composition and an extra added vitamin c acerola pods have strong antioxidant action and protect the body from free radicals. In addition, assist the body to boost the immune system, healing of wounds and fractures, strengthen blood vessels.

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