Variteks 911 Thigh High Varicose Stocking (Open Toe)

Variteks 911 Pair Thigh High Varicose Stocking (Open Toe)

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• Severe pre-natal varicosis. Varicosis marked by a tendency to edema.

• Post - traumatic swelling.
• Following treatment for light ulcers and superficial thrombophebitis.
• Following sclerosin and surgical treatment of varicose veins.

  • Избери
  • Бежово
  • Black


Elastic long socks with microfiber elastic compression stockings. Average compression-20-30mmHg-class II. Available in black and beige color.

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Product Details

Kind of sock according to compression
Medium compression-20-30mm.Hg Class II
Sock length
Long to thigh
Type of sock according to the disease
Varicose veins
Kind of sock on fingers
Closed fingers


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