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Mucoplant syrup DrTheiss

Mucoplant Spitzwegerich Hustensaft
Mukoplant cough syrup by the tesnolist plantain
Drug contained o: Plantaginis lanceolatae foliumextractum fluidum cum herba (1: 1), alcoholic
Liquid extract of stems of tesnolist plantain (1: 1)

For acute inflammations of the respiratory tractaccompanied by cough.

The holder of the marketing authorisation holder andmanufacturer:
Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH--Germany.
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BGN7.74 (tax incl.)
Ivy 100ml Mucoplant Cough syrup
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100 ml syrup contain:

Drug substance: Plantaginis lanceolatae foliumextractum fluidum cum herba (1: 1) 5 g (liquid extractfrom the stems of plantain tesnolist).
Excipients: peppermint oil, sugar beet syrup, invert sugar syrup, honeypotassium sorbate, water.

1. What is Mukoplant cough syrup by the tesnolistplantain and what to use?
Mukoplant cough syrup of plantain syrup tesnolist is of plant origin against acute inflammations of the respiratory tract accompanied by cough. It is availablein packs of 100 and 250 ml.

2. what you need to know before you start using it?
Mukoplant cough syrup by the tesnolist plantainshould not be used if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to žilovleka or any of the other ingredients. Do not usein children under 2 years.
Mukoplant cough syrup by the tesnolist plantaincontains liquid extract of the plantain with 20% (m/m) of ethanol in charge of 1.0% (m/m) and 1.27% (V/V) ethanol in the finished product.
In a single dose 1 tablespoon (15 ml = 19.13 g)accepted around 1.191 g of ethanol. In a single dose (5ml = 6.34 g) adopt about 0.063 g of ethanol.

Determination of content of ethanol meets the
Beer Wine
Tablespoon (15 ml) 191 mg 3.8 ml 1.6 ml
Teaspoon (5 ml) 63 mg 1.3 ml 0.5 ml
Mukoplant cough syrup by the tesnolist in a package of basmati rice contains 100 ml of 21.06 g sucrose,glucose and 14.31 15.06 g g fructose.

When used according to the recommended dosage,with each party swallow the following quantities:
1 tablespoon (15 ml = 19.13 g):

4,03 g sucrose;
2.88 g glucose;
2.74 g fructose;
equivalent to 9.65 g sugar.

1 teaspoon (5 ml = 6.34 g):

1.34 g sucrose;
0,96 g glucose;
0.91 g fructose;
equivalent to 3.21 g sugar.

Be careful not to take too large quantity of cough syrup by the Mukoplant tesnolist plantainhipokalemična if you're on a diet.
Mukoplant cough syrup by the tesnolist plantaincontains potassium sorbate. He represents a danger topatients on a diet poor in potassium. Hiperkalemiâtacan cause gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea afteroral administration.
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Ivy 100ml Mucoplant Cough syrup
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