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Lopedium caps*10

1. What is LOPEDIUM and what to use
Lopedium applies for the symptomatic treatment ofdisorder (diarrhea), where it is not possible the reason for the diarrhea to heal directly. The continuedapplication of the Lopedium requires medical supervision.
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Loperamide 2mg 10 Lopedium
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Do not take Lopedium
If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to the active ingredient or any of the other ingredients of the product;
in cases in which you need to avoid slowing peristalsisand bowel function due to risk of serious consequences. Such conditions are: a feeling of swollenbelly, constipation and intestinal obstruction;
in children under 2 years;
in disorder, accompanied with fever and stools withblood and mucus (acute dysentery);
in an acute attack of ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the colon ulcerozno);
in the disorder, obtained after taking broad-spectrum antibiotics (pseudomembranous colitis);
in diarrhea caused by certain intestinal bacteria.
The intake of loperamidov hydrochloride should be discontinued as soon as it pops up in your belly, severity constipation or development of intestinal obstruction.

Children and adult patients
Children under 2 years old should not be treated withdrugs containing loperamidov hydrochloride, which isLopedium.
The dosage in children between the ages of 2 and 6years must be tailored to their body weight. Lopediumcapsules is not suitable for children in this age groupdue to the high content of active ingredient. For this purpose, there exist other pharmaceutical forms by prescription.

The following dosage is recommended, if your doctorhas prescribed Lopedium in another dosing regimen.Please observe the following instructions forapplication. Otherwise Lopedium will not workcorrectly.
Adults and children aged 6-17 years
In an acute disorder starting dose is 2 capsules for adults (corresponding to 4 mg loperamidovhydrochloride) and 1 capsule (2 mg) for children, followed by one capsule (2 mg) after every subsequentbowel movement with a rare consistency.

In chronic diarrhea starting dose is 2 capsules (4 mg)for adults and 1 capsule (2 mg) for children daily:starting dose is adjusted to reach 1-2 hard bowel movements daily, which is usually achieved with amaintenance dose of 1-6 capsules (2 mg 12 mg) daily.The maximum dose for acute and chronic diarrhea is 8capsules Lopedium daily for adults (corresponding to16 mg loperamidov hydrochloride) and must not beexceeded. In children the dosage must comply withbody mass (3 capsules/20 kg body weight), but should not exceed a maximum of 8 capsules daily.
Hard gelatin capsules are accepted without being chewed, together with a little liquid.
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Loperamide 2mg 10 Lopedium
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