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Libexin tb 100mg.*20

1. what type of medicinal product is LIBEKSIN and forwhat diseases is used?

The medicinal product shall be administered in acuteand chronic, mostly dry cough (such that no detachsecretions). For the preparation of bronhografi?notesting for Bronchoscopy and suppress the cough.
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Prenoxdiazine 100 mg Libexin
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2. what should I know before taking LIBEKSIN?

Do not use LIBEKSIN for:

-hypersensitivity to the excipients in the medicinal product,

diseases associated with significant separation of thesputum in postoperative conditions (after inhalation anesthesia)

In the presence of lactose intolerance, to bear in mind that one tablet contains 38,0 TD lactose. When takenaccording to the recommendations of the dosage, each dose get to 114 TD lactose. The product is unsuitablefor people with lactase deficiency, galactosemia orglucose/Galactose malabsorption syndrome. Glicerol″tis harmful at high doses. May cause headaches,gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhea.

Pregnancy and lactation

Although it does not affect the fetus, his urotrebataduring pregnancy and lactation only after consultationwith a physician.

Influence on the driving and operating machinery

At higher doses the medicinal product cannarušibditelnostta, so LIBEKSIN use only after an individual assessment of the situation.

Medicinal products and other forms of interaction

There is no data for drug interactions, but inform yourdoctor about any other medication that you authored.


If not prescribed otherwise, the usual dose is:


The usual dose is 3-4 times daily 1 tablet (3-4 times100 TD). In more severe cases, the dose should beincreased to 3-4 times daily 2 tablets or 3 times 3tablets (3-4 times 200 TD, or 3 times for a 300 mg).


The usual dose is proportionally lower, corresponding to the age and body weight: 3-4 times in 1/2 Tablet (3-4 times 50 TD). It shall apply to children over 6 years of age. in preparation for Bronchoscopy: applies only after consultation with the doctor at the prescribed dose of him. in the case of difficulty inseparating the thick sputum may be necessary the implementation of ekspektoranti and mukolitici. the Tablet is swallowed whole without chewing, because it can cause temporary numbness of the lining of theustataMaksimalnata single dose for children over 6 years of age is 1/2 Tabletfor adults 3 tablets. The maximum daily dose for children is 2 tablets, adult 9tablets.

In use of more tablets LIBEKSIN

In the application of higher doses observed the emergence of a sedative effect and fatigue for a few hours after the reception. In overdose, immediatelyconsult a doctor.
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Prenoxdiazine 100 mg Libexin
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