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Heparoid Zentiva 30g

1. What is HEPAROID ZENTIVA N.V. and what to use

Dermatological, anti-inflammatory andantitromboti?no

Zentiva N.v. Heparoid restricts blood clotting at the site of inflammation or injury upon injury. Prevent theformation of blood clots increases the scattering of thebleeding, reduces the appearance of bumps and has anti-inflammatory effect. Once the swelling andbleeding subside, the feeling of tension and pain at the site of inflammation or injury decreases.
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Organo-heparinoid 30gr Heparoid
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Zentiva N.v. Heparoid is intended for use both byadults and by children from a very early age to treattendonitis, posttraumatic edema, contusions andsprains, to aid the healing of scars after injuries orsurgeries and softening the hard and swollen scars; It can also be used when recommended by a doctor for topical treatment of inflammations of the superficialveins, inflammation around the veins, for softening thehard skin on venous insufficiency.

During pregnancy and lactation may be applied onlyafter permission from the doctor.


Do not use the Zentiva N.v. Heparoid, if you have:

 hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients

 clotting problems, do not use the product spreads oflarge sections. The medicinal product should not beapplied over open wounds, mucous membranes andeyes.

Be especially careful with Heparoid Zentiva N.v.:

In the disorder of your veins, consult with your doctorregarding the duration of use of Zentiva N.v. Heparoid.If the doctor decides otherwise under these conditionsit applies generally for 1-2 weeks.

Application of Zentiva N.v. Heparoid is only part of the complex therapy for treatment of diseases of the veins.Observe other featured by the doctor procedures (use of other medicinal products, dressing with compressivebandage or sock).

If the injuries to 3 days did not notice theimprovement or the signs worsen, or experience side effects, cease its use and contact a physician. Without consultation with a physician do not use the productfor more than 2 weeks.

Zentiva N.v. Heparoid should not be applied over open wounds, mucous membranes and eyes.
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Organo-heparinoid 30gr Heparoid
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