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Flavamed tb.30mg*20

1. What is Flavamed tablets against cough and what touse
Flavamed cough tablets is a mucolytic drug (liquefiesthick bronchial secretions) in diseases of the respiratory tract.
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Ambroxol 30mg Flavamed Cough tab
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Cough tablets Flavamed applies to the diseases of the lungs and bronchi, accompanied by the formation of thick sputum (mukus). Flavamed cough tablets liquefiesthick sputum and allows easier migration throughcoughing.

2. before you take Flavamed cough tablets
Do not take Flavamed cough tablets

If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to the active substance of Flavamed cough tablets (ambroksolovhydrochloride) or any of the other ingredients ofFlavamed cough tablets (see section 6, "what containscough tablets Flavamed");
in children under 6 years.
Take special care with Flavamed cough tablets

If you have had very severe skin hypersensitivity reactions (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Lajelsyndrome);
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a disease with a high fever and rashes on the skin and mucous membraneswith the formation of blisters.
Lajel syndrome is a life threatening condition, also known as poparenata syndrome, skin. A sign is the appearance of large blisters, like burning.
Therefore, if you notice changes in the skin and mucous membranes, we have to stop taking Flavamedtablets against cough. Visit a doctor immediately!
If you suffer from impaired renal function or of severe liver disease. In this case the Flavamed cough tabletscan only be applied with particular attention (e.g. inlonger intervals or at a reduced dose-consult your doctor about this). In severely impaired renal functionmay be an accumulation of degradation products of the active substance of Flavamed cough tablets;
If you are suffering from a rare disease of the bronchial tubes with increased formation of mukus (e.g. fixedsyndrome stigmas). Then mukus″t can not beseparated from the lung. In this case the Flavamedcough tablets can be administered only under medical supervision;
If you have a peptic ulcer, you should consult with your doctor how to take Flavamed tablets against cough,because mukoliticite can irritate the stomach lining.Consult your doctor before taking cough tabletsFlavamed.
Flavamed cough tablets can be administered only bychildren over 6 years.

Intake of other drugs
Are not reported clinically significant adverseinteractions with other medications.
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Ambroxol 30mg Flavamed Cough tab
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