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Exoderil solutio 10ml

1. What is EKZODERIL and what to use
Ekzoderil 1% solution is suitable for the treatment offungal infections and contains naftifin. Active against skin fungi, yeasts, molds, etc. It is also active against a variety of bacterial infections, which often occur when g?bi?ni infections in people.
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Naftifine 10ml Exoderil
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What it's used for Ekzoderil
For the treatment of fungal infections of the feet,especially between the toes, the lower part of the Volar(differ such as redness, swelling or olûŝvane itchyblisters) on the nails.

Do not use Ekzoderil
If you are allergic to naftifin or propylene glycol.
Pay particular attention when using Ekzoderil
At the first signs of side effects, please inform your doctor. Do not use Ekzoderil solution if the manifestations allergy.
Ekzoderil 1% solution is only for application on the skin and contact with eyes should be avoided. Do not applythe solution on open wounds, as the alcohol in its contents can cause painful burns.
If symptoms continue to be prominent or medicine noexpected effect, consult physician immediately.

Use of other drugs
There are no known interactions with other drugs.

Pregnancy and lactation
When properly used, the drug has no adverse effect on the fetus or newborn.

In the event that it is not prescribed otherwise,carefully follow the recommended dosages. Ekzoderil1% solution apply on affected areas once daily. Theseareas should be cleaned and dried thoroughly beforeyou move in solution.
Despite the rapid improvement of the symptoms(itching, redness, etc.) is important for patients withfungal infections of the skin to continue treatment for 2 weeks after complete resolution of symptoms in order to prevent their resurgence.
Before and after the treatment of yeast infection, nailsshould be kept as short as possible, and their surfacecut. Fungal infections of the nails must be treated for several months until the growth of healthy nails.
To be cured the yeast infection (athlete's foot) as quickly as possible, please note the following:
1. micro-organisms causing the yeast infection mayattach themselves to clothing, parts that are in contact with the affected areas. That's why they need to bechanged daily.
2. Normal and especially dry skin surface is the best defense against fungal infections. Avoid wearing tightand poorly ventilated garment (e.g. synthetic socks andtight shoes) on the affected areas. You must alsopodsušavate the affected areas thoroughly afterwashing. The towels should be changed daily.
3. If you have a fungal infection of the feet do not walkbarefoot at home, in swimming pools or eg. in a hotel.So prevent spread of infection to other people andespecially Your reinfection.
4. visit the sauna or steam bath until the yeastinfection is not clear completely.

Route of administration
The solution can be applied directly from the vial usingan eye dropper or on a piece of cotton.

Topical irritation as a sensation of dryness, redness andwarming may arise in individual cases. Adverse reactions are always reversible and usually do not require termination of the treatment. They subside after the end of treatment.

If you notice any side effects, other than those described in this leaflet, please inform your doctor or pharmacist.

Store the product at a temperature below 30 ° c.
Do not use the product after the expiry date, indicatedon the packaging.
Keep out of reach of children.

6. additional information
What contains Ekzoderil
The active substance is naftifinov hydrochloride. 1 ml ofsolution contains 10 mg naftifinov hydrochloride.
The other ingredients are: propylene glycol, ethanol,distilled water.

How it looks and what it contains package Ekzoderil
Original packaging containing 10 ml of dermalsolution.

The holder of the marketing authorisation holder andmanufacturer:
Sandoz GmbH, Austria.
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Naftifine 10ml Exoderil
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