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Degasin caps*32

 Degazin contains simeticone.

• Improves intestinal and abdominal comfort by preventing or reducing the increased flatulence.
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BGN12.43 (tax incl.)
ДЕГАЗИН капс 280мг x 32
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Simetikon″t is a scientifically proven effect to reduce the surface tension of air bubbles present in thegastrointestinal tract:
• Reduces swelling and gas flatulenciâta(antipânoobrazuvaŝ effect);
• Reduces gas shadows in the intestines.
• The Degazin can also be used for preparation before the diagnostic tests in the abdominal cavity (endoscopy, radiography, ultrasound).
Simeticone: 275,5 mg *
Capsule shell: gelatin, glycerol, dimethicon, titanium dioxide (food coloring, in 171), potassium sorbate, sunset yellow (dye, is 110), azorubin (dye is 122).
* Average
• For gastrointestinal problems: 1 to 2 capsules after each main meal, adopted with a large glass of water.
 Preparation for diagnostic test: follow the recommendations of your doctor.
 For adults only. Take by mouth.
• It is not suitable for people allergic to any of the ingredients.
 It is not recommended to pregnant women.
 Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not take this product if shelf life has expired.
Manufacturer: Czech Republic
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ДЕГАЗИН капс 280мг x 32
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