Vacuum Massager Bremed

Vacuum Massager Bremed

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Cases in which recommended subcutaneous suction massage:

Inflammation of the muscles
Physical activity with high intensity
The presence of stretch marks after pregnancy and childbirth
Rehabilitation after plastic surgery
Chronic fatigue syndrome


Instructions for use:

The healing effect with the unit helps to reduce fat cells and improves the appearance and tone of the skin, remove excess fat, gaining a slender figure and improving the functioning of the lymphatic drainage system. The treatment will be more effective if combined with the use of cosmetics for the body and essential oils. For cleaning of the skin, the appliance must be used with cream or lotion for cleaning. When using to massage the breasts, the appliance helps to stimulate the expansion and improvement of blood circulation and eliminate the manifestations of arrest.

Before treatment with the appliance, remove the makeup and/or take a shower.
Perform the therapy in a relaxing environment and a pleasant temperature.
For greater efficiency, you can use a cream, gel or lotion.
Select one of the three plugins (cups), depending on which part of the body would treat: the little Cup is for face and body, the average Cup is for the treatment of the surface of the body and the glass is to massage the abdomen, back and torso (in this case, it is necessary to use the plastic ring).
Place the Cup in a giant sucking hole in the appliance and turn it in a clockwise direction until it stops. To remove the glass, repeat this operation in the reverse order.
The instrument has 4 main programs preset for a specific rhythm of suction and release, which allow a certain kind of effect to achieve the desired effect

Not to be used in the following cases:

Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system: angina, myocardial infarction, heart problems
Tumors of the skin
Blood coagulation disorders
Liver and chronic kidney disease
Varikoza (varicose veins)
Skin diseases (Dermatitis, eczema)
Extremely sensitive skin or anemia
Recently, surgical wounds or bosses

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