Test strips Optium 50br

Test strips Optium 50br

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-Test Strips for the measurement of blood sugar Free Style Optium are designed to be used with gl?komerite, Optium, Optium FreeStyle Optium Xceed and Optium Easy.
Test-Strips ca designed for quantitative measurement of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood taken from: a.) the fingertip, forearm, b.), with his arm, ..) or d.) the base of the thumb. Test strips are designed for use outside of the body and are for self-exploration, or for use by a health professional.


What's in the box with the test strips.

Test strips in individual foil packaging;
Instructions for use.

What else is necessary, which is not located in the box with the test strips.

Blood glucose meter Free Style Optium, Optium, Optium Xceed or Optium Easy;
Control solutions Medi Sense for blood sugar and ketones;
Handbook for use;
Uboždaŝo device and needles for single use.

How to take a drop of blood?

Before you take a drop of blood, make sure that the sampling is clean, dry and warm. To warm the place of sampling, wash it with warm water, rub the skin vigorously for a few seconds or cover it with a warmed towel;
Keep your arm down before your finger or prick the base of the thumb to make it easier to let-down of blood;
To get a drop of blood from the arm, use a solid Corp stretch away from the bone. Avoid heavily furred plots;
Avoid pinching at the place of sampling;
Apply a drop of blood on a test strip immediately.

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