Wild garlic plus selenium 240 capsules

Wild garlic plus selenium 240 capsules

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It is recommended to assist in: problems of the cardiovascular system in bacterial and intestinal infections, low immunity, for high blood pressure and high levels of serum cholesterol, infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, lung problems, heavy metal poisoning.

Super formula for healthy cardiovascular and immune system!

When high blood pressure!


Each capsule contains pure dry extract of wild garlic (300 mg) and selenium (10 μg).

Usage: 3 times a day, 2 capsules with water.

Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) supports the functional condition of the immune system, owns protivobakterialno and antifungal action, activates cardiac activity, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Wild garlic is known for its protivosklerotičniâ and circulation enhancing effect. It shall apply as a useful tool for the prevention of blood coagulation and v″tres″dovoto for the prevention of vascular system from arteriosclerosis. It stimulates the secretory activity of the propulsion and bile and gastrointestinal tract, normalizes blood pressure. Selenium is a cofactor of Glutathione-peroxidase enzyme which participates in the intracellular effects of disposal of free radicals. He is an extremely important piece of internal antioxidant system of the body, which neutralizes excess free radicals. He participated in the processes of detoxification and is useful in poisoning with heavy metals (lead, cadmium and mercury), radiation and other toxic factors. Stimulates the immune system and in particular the formation of protective antibodies. Selenium deficiency increases the risk of malignant degeneration of cells, but additional import him protects against breast cancer and colon cancer.

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