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Oil massage against stretch marks IKAROV

When and why do stretch marks appear? With rapid changes in weight-most often in puberty, during pregnancy or in athletes, who quickly build up muscle mass-the skin is often not sufficiently elastic and stretches, leaving unpleasant scars.

How can I resist?

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Massage oil against stretch marks is a natural product that helps the skin to adapt to rapid changes without leaving traces on it. The base oil is a mixture of wheat germ oil, and coconut oil. These oils provide a complex of essential fatty acids, especially suitable for nourishing the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The four essential oils dissolved in base-rose, patchouli, bergamot and Petit grain oil are tested successfully against the formation of stretch marks. Especially effective is the Bulgarian rose oil-highly vitaliziraŝo, with well marked soothing effect. "Sylvie" provides a complex impact on the skin and connective tissue, as it nourishes, moisturizes, stimulates and prepares for the challenges of rapid growth.

How often do you use oil against stretch marks?
When dry and thin skin, a daily 5-10 minute massage of stretching areas is sufficient. In a normal dry skin massage can be performed during the day, and at greasy skins and in 2-3 days. This is just a general recommendation, the rapidity of the growth and self-reflection can best channel for the frequency and duration of massage.

Massage with oil in the sequence: hips-hips-flanks-belly-busting. When athletes-the muscles of the limbs and chest. To alternate the longitudinal and circular movements to rotate periodically the directions of massaging. Feature in bust: massaged in a semicircle from the base-side top, gradually moving from the periphery inward. Massage oil is heated up to a temperature of 30-350 c and shake before use.

Peculiarities in pregnancy: we recommend that the oil be used marks after 4 months. Until then, you can successfully apply pure vegetable oil-wheat, sesame oil.

(A) where the stretch marks are present?
Regular and prolonged massages can help the skin to restore its abnormal structure and regain his good looks. The composition of marks oil oils, especially the rose and patchouli, backed by the other two Petit grain and bergamot are well expressed and regenerating action restorative. Activate the microcirculation and stimulate the cells of the skin to restore its integrity. The diligence and persistence will be well rewarded!

Massage oil against stretch marks-natural, efficient and easy to use product!
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