Variteks 602 Elastic Truss (Two Side)

Variteks 602 Elastic Truss (Two Side)

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Variteks 602 Elastic Truss (Two Side)  

Elastic bandage for inguinal hernias - with wide straps of high elastic tissue and removable pad. Suitable for hernia surgery. Prevents the development and appearance of hernias before surgery and the sinking of the stitches after surgery.

Composition and description of the product: 27% polyester, 16% viscose, 12% elastic, 45% cotton.

The model is double sided with two pads. The product is intended for patients with direct and inclined inguinal hernias. The bandage is made of elastic fabric, equipped with pockets for the pads and additional straps with locks that serve to tightly fit the pads to the hernia. The bandage is fastened using velcro fasteners and buckles.

Application: Unilateral and bilateral inguinal hernias, prevention of recurrence after recovery after herniation, reduction of pain, postoperative treatment of inguinal hernias. In cases where surgery is impossible or undesirable. For prophylactic purposes, the product is worn throughout the day, especially during exercise, performing physical activities that may exert strain on the anterior abdominal wall.

Usage: Use the product exclusively for its intended purpose. Adjustment or alteration of pressure should only be carried out on the recommendation of a physician. The daily use of the product should not exceed 8 hours. It is advisable to put the bandage on the linen and lying down. The pads are placed on the hernia and fastened with an elastic belt that wraps around the hips and waist. The belt is fastened with a Velcro fastener.

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Variteks 602 Elastic Truss (Two Side)  

• Used before and after operations for hernia.

• Prevents the development and appearance of hernia before operations and the loosing of the stitches after operations.
• It is confortable, thanks to its special designed cushion.

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