Thoracic epiteza MAXIMA-light 4001L

Thoracic epiteza MAXIMA-light 4001L

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Thoracic epiteza MAXIMA-light 4001L. Made up of a special gel that reduces the total weight of the prosthesis by up to 30%. Especially suitable for women with larger breasts.

Made of silicone gel, sealed in polyurethane Pocket dentures Maxim accepted by any skin.


All external dentures are available in a luxury cardboard box. Avoid direct contact of the prosthesis with talc, balm and spirits. Be careful when handling sharp objects to avoid damaging the outer envelope of the prosthesis.

Maintenance: It is enough to wash with lukewarm water and soap. Every soap that is sucking for your skin is also safe for your prosthesis. After washing it is recommended to dry with a soft cloth. The prostheses should be washed after each water activity. Maxima Prostheses have a one-year warranty against any factory defects.

Light Episodes are made of a 30% lighter silicone gel. Recommended for women who do not tolerate classical epiphysis. Primitively recommended for large sizes.

Light episodes are available in 4 forms

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