Maxima 9006 S Breast prosthesis Heart

Maxima 9006 S Breast prosthesis Soft

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Thoracic epiteza MAXIMA-heart-9006. Both equally elongated end are oriented under the arm and up to the strap of the BRA. Made of silicone gel, sealed in polyurethane pocket.


Breast external maxilla dentures manufactured by Eurosilicon, France.
We are pleased to introduce the Maxima range: a set of external chest dentures and accessories designed to convey the elegance, security and good self-esteem of each woman.
Maxima prostheses are taken from any skin (however, the use of a pouch is recommended to avoid any risk of irritation due to sweating).

Maintenance: It is enough to wash with lukewarm water and soap. Maxima Prostheses have a one-year warranty against any factory defects.
The skin pads used with Maskama-Adhesive prosthesis are dermatologically tested.

The Soft model is made of silicone gel with a more fluid consistency for a slightly sagging effect. Recommended for older persons.

6 available forms.

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