Maxima 6003 - Breast prosthesis Asimetric 1

Maxima 6003 - Breast prosthesis Asimetric 1

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Suitable for any type of bust. More ergonomic than standard - (4001), it differs slightly from the top extension. Available in left and right version.



Breast external maxilla dentures manufactured by Eurosilicon, France

We are pleased to introduce the Maxima range: a set of external chest dentures and accessories designed to convey the elegance, security and good self-esteem of each woman.

Made of a silicone gel enclosed in a polyurethane pocket, Maxima prostheses are taken from any skin (however, the use of a pouch is recommended to avoid any risk of perspiration due to perspiration).

The skin pads used with Maskama-Adhesive prosthesis are dermatologically tested.

Asymmetric external chest epiphyseal round shape suitable for every type of bust. Ergonomically from the Standard (No 4001), it differs with a slight elongation from the top.

Another model of asymmetric epiphysis

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